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Negative feedbacks

I don't live in a sand castle to think this (or any other) technique works 100% (eventhough I believe it is very effective).

There were also some negative feedbacks, if I can count someone asking for a refund as a negative feedback. (There is a full price back no questions asked unconditional guarantee.) So far, I only got one person to tell me it didn't work for them (the only one that actually tried the method at the same time) - and guess what, there is nothing that works for everybody, even if this technique is highly effective in my humble opinion, there will always be people that, for some reason, couldn't make it work for them.

There were some people who asked for refund, but never used the method. Which of course can't be counted as a feedback. Their choice. They let their prejudice step into their way towards recovery. Their full right.

Smart people use it, and only make their opinion AFTER they used the method. No matter how ridiculous it might seem. Actually, quite a few people wrote "I thought it's a nonsense, but was surprised it actually worked". Don't give up, don't let your prejudices stay in your way to recovery. Be like me - I don't care whether something looks like a nonsense or not, I only care whether it works or not.

That's why there is the 100% guarantee. Didn't you always wished some pills, medical and psychological services, books or others were coming with one?

I don't offer it because fear of the method not working for you. Quite the opposite. I offer it because I think you shall pay by result, not by information or by number of pages in the book.