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Could herbs, Bach remedies, and similar, help overcome heights phobias?

The short answer is, probably yes. The longer answer is, yes, but it depends.

I can testify I have seen clients helped with their longstanding fears by Bach essences and similar fragrances. There are even some herbs that could possibly help.

My personal opinion is these methods work, yet are less reliable than most others, with less predictable results (when it comes heights phobia cases). As this is a field I have not been studying deeply, the best advice I can give is to rely on your common sense here.

Timeline therapy

Timeline therapy is being often offered as help for overcoming fear of heights. It is a surprisingly effective method with general life issues, and in my humble opinion, it could help also in a lot of fear of heights cases - given the cause of each particular case.

Timeline therapy is most effective when done on a face to face, therapist to sufferer, basis. Self-help application is recommended only to people who know what they are doing, ie. those who have an experience with mind matters, meditation, guided relaxation, and similar. The method on itself is not a guarantee of success, keep i

Facing fear of heights in Breakthroughs for Youth at Risk

Making it across the ropes, Adam learned to face fear of heights during Breakthroughs for Youth at Risk programme, organized by four schools in the Kailua area, Hawaii. Many other fellow students shared the same phobia.

The world from crane cabin

Crane operator is another job where total absence of the fear of heights is absolutely essential. Scott McCredie from Seattle Times reviews of this jobs' ins and outs and inteviews few crane operators. Basic job specification also included. Crane operators usually earn $30 - $33 per hour, and often log hours of overtime as the machines are very expensive and need to be utilized as efficiently as possible. How is the look on the world from the crane cabin? Find out in The Seattle Times.

Sledge Hammer and Vertigo

DVD Times reviews Sledge Hammer series two. The Vertical episode was inspired by Hitchcock, and Sledge must deal with his new-found fear of heights there. One scene shows Sledge suffering from his vertigo after looking down at an aerial photograph of a mountain.

Overcoming the fear with parachute

Photo of Susan Carney from Natick, in parachute two miles above the earth. Despite being afraid of heights, she took the jump and considers it one of the most exhilarating experiences in her life.

Wonder Cave

Wonderful caves in South Africa (called accidentally Wonder Cave), that you really don't want to visit when you are heights phobic, unless you want to use it as a training place to overcome your phobia, or unless you have some supporting arm nearby - just in case. It takes 87 steps down under the ground.

Online video

Dr. Koop has a free video on overcoming fear of heights online. I couldn't get it work, but maybe you will have more luck.

Philip Olivier

Philip Olivier is another celebrity with the phobia of heights, as revealed on Manchester Online. (He played Tinhead in Brookside.)

Is Dannii Minogue suffering fear of heights or not?

Since I collect the information about celebrities suffering this fear, I have read this article twice and still can't understand whether Dannii Minogue really has the hights phobia of if that was just journalist's construct?

Anyway, fear of heights on reality shows might be fun for outside watchers, but for people suffering it, it could make things worse in some cases.

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