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Fear of heights

Fear of heights is one of the most widespread fears ever. And as most fears , it is often not standalone but coming with other phobias, especially fear of flying to name one.

Being not as intimidating as other phobias can be, people suffering with fear of heights often try to live with it without getting a help, accomodating their lifestyle to the limitations (Imagine it: Forget visiting the Eiffel tower in Paris or Manhattan skyscraper. Never see beautiful mountain views. Holidays without visiting medieval castles. Summer without water jumping. Living on a ground floor home, limitation to possible career choices and even employer choices -- no skyscrapers, again.) Maybe IT IS quite intimidating, after all?

The scientific latin names are acrophobia, altophobia, batophobia (fear of being close to high buildings), and acrophobia.

But how to fix the heights phobia? That's a question people often ask at this point impatiently, not being interested in theoretical explanations. Some of the methods that work good enough are gradual desensitivitation, REBT, NLP or timeline therapy, to name a few. More and more material about them and other aspects of heights phobia will appear on this web.

I would also like to point your interest to my incredibly simple method to overcome the fear of heights. To my knowledge, it is the easiest method available, with quickest fixes and highest success ratio. And the best of all is, you can DO IT ON YOUR OWN! The only assumption is that you can read and follow instructions. It is described in the workbook (see the box on the right), no theoretical fluff, just few plain simple steps and methods that really work, for adults and children as well! See testimonials page for what people who became free of fear of heights have to say about it.